Wednesday, February 2, 2011

9 weeks

We went on Monday for my 9 week appointment.  I was so excited to go because I knew we were getting to see the baby again on ultrasound.  I love going to the doctor when I'm feeling great.  It makes a world of a difference when you go because its routine rather than an emergency.  I saw the mid-wife, which is who I will deliver with.  Well, she is one of the four or so that I might deliver with.  I really like them all, so whoever will be great!  Anyhow, nothing really happened.  Everything is going wonderfully.  I was a little worried because I've been having these, at times, really bad pains again.  And I don't have anything normal to compare having really bad pains with. I didn't have any of these weird pains with Ilyssa, and Nathanial's pregnancy was far from normal.  So of course, I assume that something is wrong.  I kept telling myself,  it's nothing... just normal growing pains... don't worry, everything is just fine.  And I was right!  Apparently, with each pregnancy, growing pains get worse.  While it makes me just want to lay in bed all day and not move a muscle, I'm so glad it's something that is completely normal.  It's a beautiful change that I welcome whole-heartedly!  

I'm so thankful for where we are right now.  I'm so thankful that at 9 weeks, our baby and I are doing great!  I thank God, each moment of every day, for giving us another chance at having a baby.  I'm already so in love with this precious gift growing inside of me.  I remind myself daily that while pain certainly does come in the night, the sweet joy of Jesus ALWAYS comes in the morning!  Our Spring is coming, and I've never been more anxious in my life to receive it!!


  1. Hey girl! Just saw your blog through FB! CONGRATS!! Praise the Lord! What wonderful news!!! We could not be more excited for you three! Keep us posted :)

  2. I'm always glad to read what you have wrote, even though I already now whats going on. I'm so happy for you guys and I can't wait to see my neice or nephew! I love you!

  3. Sweet lady! I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that I am inspired by you and have quietly been advocating for you to God the Father since I learned of Nathaniel. I know people need thier privacy in times like these but I wanted to let you know I love you and have been praying often for you and your family. I am so excited to hear of your pregnancy news. God IS in the details and that is so special that this baby will be born in that time frame. Blessings on you, Patrick, Ilyssa and this new little one! :0)